Daily Archives: September 1, 2012

It is time to come into your power!

I am on a journey and that is not to become a whinny , strengthless weakling ,but a strong ,powerfull moving force, not blown in the wind, to come in to the power to take control of all aspects of my life , moving toward better Health, Better fitness, and to over come the bad habits that I really dont want and to come in to my power.

A Powerless person or a person that dont believe in Her,Him self is blown in the wind and the wind blows it anyway it wants it to, in to the dark recesses of the woods that are unknown to her,him so they are scared and helpless in the woods.  You dont have to let the wind blow you and be powerless, You can take charge of you and there for fight back, resistance isnt always bad the deer resist being killed in the woods and will fight back in some shape,form or matter of way that it can ,It has a since to protect it self. Humans dont always have that since.

You have to keep a positive powerfull outlook that ames you towards keeping in charge of your life and knowning that you can come through any situation and be on top, that you can handle any thing that can come upon you. there are ways of being that way! Power isnt bad ,It puts you in charge of your life. It protect you from evil people or things,it saves your life ,but that is self power! Take control of your life get powerfull!  wizardQi wizardhealthforce.com written by Robert A Adjutant