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A note from wizardQi

First of all I’d like to thank you all for the wonderfull comments and the feedback!
Alot of you want to learn more about what I wrote about in Its time to come into your power and in the article Not for the week in heart! I’ll post more blogs on this subject, beginning with one by this weekend. Some of you want to learn more about developing a website or blog, I am not an expert on the subject and I am still learning more on the subject, but I made my website blog a little bit at a time to the point where it is now and I am still working on making it better. If you want you can post more questions in the comments and I will try to answer them! About the rss and the subscription site in the side bar, a few people have been having trouble with that , I don’t know if you are trying to use the site where it says rss or are going to the subscription site where you enter your e-mail and press the subscription button, try going to the subscription and enter your e-mail address then press the botton and if you dont get an e-mail in your mail box place a comment and let me know, If you use the subscription site in the side bar you should get an e-mail every time I post a new blog, please try that!
I called HostGator and they said the subscription site was working, even thow people have told me they subscribed to the rss ,but I dont know if they subscribed by going to where it says rss in the side bar or went to subscription site , these are two different places in the sidebar, please let me know! One person wanted me to prolong the articles ,make them longer, that might be good for some but not for others, I’ll see what I can do about that ,time promiting! Please if you place a comment with a question , make it as understandable as possiable! My traffic is increseing next month, I am investing in that. I dont know if I can keep up with all the questions that might be coming in , but I will try to keep up with them , answer some directlly and some in a post. If you enjoy the articles let me know and place a comment , your feedback is important, and subscribe! The subjects in the blogs are quite in dept, I will try to condence it and make it understandable and workable as possiable, but there no way I can tell you about allthere is to know about it in one article, so if your interested keep an eye on my blog in weeks ahead. wizardQi wizardhealthforce.com written by Robert A Adjutant
PS I am now working on putting a newsletter subscription site on the site. the newsletter subscribtion is working now to connect to the blog!