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Do you really want to get rid of a bad habit and have you really decided that it is bad! Maybe your still thinking how good that habit is. For example: but it taste so good, but it makes me feel so good, but it relaxes me, and all the good things your saying about that bad habit, you’ve got a list of things that you think is good about that bad habit. Now do you really want to get rid of that bad habit or was that some bodies elses Idea. Just imagine that , they think you should quit it , but deep down inside you still got a hundred things that you think is good about it. If you are really committed and you really want to quite it then you’ll have to start a finding the hundred of things that are bad about it. and get rid of the good you think about it ,get rid of those hundreds of things that you think about it is good. your going to struggle with that bad habit till you think it is totally bad. and deep down inside you dont really want to get rid of it and the only way your going lose is if you quit!

Now ask yourself Do you really,really want to quit that bad habit! then get committed and start on that struggle, Find something that you have a hundred good things about to replace it. Enjoy those good things about it, I got this and its so much better then that bad habit could ever be. I am going for this, that bad habit is not worth losing this! this is the beginning of breaking free of that bad habit. Now don’t hang around all those people that are enforcing you to still see that bad habit as good, by telling you but this is so delicious or How could you even think about given this up and the hundreds of other things they will say to you ,enforcing your belief that that habit is good ,you don’t need that ,your trying to break free of that bad habit , and you do’nt need somebody enforcing your beliefs that it is’nt bad. that includes the media the radio and tv with all there commercials to enforce your belief that that bad habit is not bad, but good, and as long as you think it is good you’ll never break free. you got to really believe that, that bad habit is bad ,it’s evil and its keeping you from doing what you really want!

When you start to thinking about the good things about that bad habit, then start thinking about what you want to replace it with and how good that is and this bad habit is keeping me from having that.and I can have this it’s so much better and enjoy that good habit and dump the bad. This is only the beginning of breaking free of that bad habit but if you can master this you will break free of that bad habit. Leave a comment if this was helpful, I’ll write more about this in the future. wizardQi wizardhealthforce.com writen by Robert A Adjutant