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What If You Don’t Believe!

If You think you can’t, you can’t! You’ve got to believe, really believe you can do something before you can do it! If your listen to music that is repeating over and over again something that is in contradiction with what you believe or in contradiction with your goals it’s going to hinder or make it harder for you to reach your goals! Are you addicted to that particular tune but never paid that much attention to what the words were saying! Well it’s going to make it all that much harder than if you got your music inline with your life and goals! Are you living for the goals in that song or Do you want to live you own life and goals! These questions have to be answered and really answered if you want to really keep in line with your life goals! Is that music helping or hindering, Hypnotizing you to want something that you are not aiming for or planing for over and over again! Music can be poison, it can keep you from being the person you want to be, It can ruin your life and make it miserable! Are you living for someone else’s goals or your own. Are you stuck on that music because it has a tune that anchors you to listen to it over and over again! If it’s not in line with your life or your life goals then it is only a poison no matter how good the tune sounds! For the betterment or your life dump the bad music or live a drifting life! It’s up to you it’s your life, but I don’t except that trash in my life!

In order to achieve a goal you have to be aware of that goal you have to keep it in mind and think about it a lot, it has to almost be an obsession in your mind , you have to keep it in the front of your mind, if you don’t keep thinking about it you will not work towards it and you’ll drift off in to doing something else! Write it down but if you don’t give it priority in your life you will not do it! So you have to keep it in your thoughts every day and work for it a little or a lot every day, but if your thoughts are continually drifting away in your mind by other thoughts then you might slowly drift away from your plans and goals and if you don’t think about your plans and goals every day then the chances are, that your not going to work for them! You’l never achieve a goal unless you give time to thinking about it in your thoughts! So just think about what music does to this process in sticking with and doing your goals! wizardQi written by Robert A Adjutant


You’ve got to the point where you are sure you definitely want to break free of this bad habit! now you are stopping that bad habit as much as you can but you fall back in to doing that bad habit, you fight against it but you are not quit free yet. This is the time that you might get discouraged after having fell back in to doing that bad habit after week and week and week of fighting to break free of that bad habit but only falling back in to doing it again over and over again! Don’t give up now, look at all your options and what you might do to trick yourself in to stopping that habit or anyway else you might get yourself to stop that bad habit. Get yourself to a point where you stop yourself from doing that bad habit to the longest period of time then increase, keep increasing that period of time till you get to the point in time, where you have got in to not doing that bad habit,then you’ll be free if you used some of the technique I explained in the previous post in my blog, if you start thinking about it and nurturing that bad habit again then you might fall back in to doing it again but if you keep your same outlook about how bad that habit is and you don’t nurture that bad habit,then you will not go back in to doing that bad habit again and you’ll be free of that bad habit! This takes commitment in to really not wanting to do that bad habit and persistence to stick with it till you break free of that bad habit! Not giving in to giving up!

If you can trick yourself in to getting that habit then you can trick yourself into giving it up! Don’t allow yourself to have the money it takes to keep doing that habit or find other tricks to keep yourself from not doing it for the longest period of time, till you get in to the habit of not doing that bad habit! If you replace that bad habit with a good habit then you will probable not ever do it again! there are all sorts of way to try and break bad habits, these are only some of the ways, but hope this has been helpful! wizardQi written by Robert A Adjutant


This area of habits is so important! Your thoughts influence what you do and if your continually think the thoughts of How good it taste, How good it made me feel,How it looks so good,How it smells so wonderful,and How it sounds so good, then you’re
not going to easily get rid of that bad habit! These thought of How it Taste ,Feels, sounds, looks, and smells that keep a coming up in your mind about how good that habit is in all those areas is a bad habit with in itself! Your addicted to those thoughts so much that they keep coming up in you mind all the time and the memory of them in all those areas keeps you addicted to keeping that Good-bad habit! You’ve got to change you thinking about how that bad habit Feels,taste,sounds,looks and smells or you’re not going to break free of those good-bad habits very easily!

You nurtured that good-bad habit into existence when you first got it, you thought forever about How good it was,how good it tasted ,how good it sounds,how good it made you feel,how it smelled so good or how good it looks! these thoughts about that good-bad habit you still have and they continually keep coming up in your mind in the exact same way that you thought about those good-bad habits when you nurtured them in to existence! Now you’ve got to remove those thoughts if you want to have a chance of breaking free of that bad habit! You’ve got to think about all the bad things about it that will keep you away from that good-bad habit, so that one of those good thoughts about it will not influence you do go out and do it or grab for it again! So lets say you take the good feeling about it, the good taste about it, the good look about it and the good sound and smell about it and change them in to all bad things! Into bad taste, bad feels, bad sounds, bad looks and bad smells about it! You now think that this don’t smell so good,this don’t taste so good, this don’t sound so good and this don’t look so good and this don’t feel so good! your starting to pull loose of that bad habit, after you’ve mastered this take those thoughts about it and there not so good to totally bad thoughts about how it feels, sounds, taste, smells and looks! This utterly taste so bad compared to this, this utterly smalls so bad compared to this, this utterly feels so bad compared to this, this utterly sounds so bad compared to this, and this utterly looks so bad compared to this! this is a beginning, but if you continually think those good thoughts about it, how are you ever going to break free of it! you have to really not like that bad habit in order to get rid of it and you have to get rid of all that good nurturing about that bad habit that got you there in the first place! I Hope this was helpful! wizardQi written by Robert A Adjutant


The Birth of a habit that you one time loved, but now your fighting like mad to get rid of is a nourishing factor why you got that good-bad habit in the first place. This is so good, that cigarette tastes so good, this is so cool,it makes me feel good, there is nothing like this, this is the best!You nurtured that habit in to existence, you feed it, you cared for it, you brought it to life,you are responsible for your having that bad habit! Any bad habit you have was at one time a good habit to you that you nurtured in to existence! Now you want to betray that bad habit that you nurtured to life and conditioned yourself to have, you want to dump it, get rid of it out of your life! This with the conditioning from the world around us forms our good-bad habit, You might of got that good-bad habit because you were living under some condition that you were forced to compensate for to live under those conditions, but you choose that habit and nurtured it in to existence! So that good-bad habit was your choice!

We are influenced by the world around us by the people we listen to, the people we hang out with, our friend and relatives, they have a big influence on us and what we do! If you are continually told that you are a certain way then you will either accept it or fight back against believing that you are that way! This is the beginning of the choices we make that forms the way we are and our habits! The conditioning around us is formed by the choices we continually make towards the actions and behaviors of others we hang around with. If we accept those behaviors, then we might pick them up from thous that are around us, but if we don’t accept thous behaviors,then we are less likely to pick them up! The choose is ours but it depends on how much we are influenced by thous around us! If we are easily influenced by others then we are going to accept those chooses and they will become a part of our life. So you can be easily be influenced to keep that good-bad habit by the people you hang out with. If you really want to break that Good-Bad habit and you are easily influenced by that certain person then your going to have to make some serious choices about not hanging out with that person so much or just getting away from that persons influence or you are not likely to break that bad habit, You can talk to the person about it but that don’t always work and its not a good idea to try and tell other people how to live just because you are trying to brake a Good-Bad habit!

So we listen to the ideas of others and either accept them or not, but the choice is ours! In order to break that good-bad habit we are going to have to make choices, we made choices to get that habit now we are going to have to make choices to get rid of it! we praised That Good-bad habit, we nurtured it, we cared for it! now we don’t want it any more we are going to have to stop nourishing , feeding and caring for that Good-bad habit! We are going to have to say bad things about it. We are going to have to believe it is all bad and not tell ourselves, It taste so Good, or how good it feels or any other good thing that is good that you might think about it. your going to have to replace your thinking about it as all bad thoughts about it. Your going to have to demonize it and preferable replace it with another good habit that is so much better than that puny bad habit! That bad habit is the pits and this other super-good habit is a hundred percent better! this good habit is worth so much more than that bad habit could ever be! I hope this was helpful! wizardQi written by Robert A adjutant