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The Birth of a habit that you one time loved, but now your fighting like mad to get rid of is a nourishing factor why you got that good-bad habit in the first place. This is so good, that cigarette tastes so good, this is so cool,it makes me feel good, there is nothing like this, this is the best!You nurtured that habit in to existence, you feed it, you cared for it, you brought it to life,you are responsible for your having that bad habit! Any bad habit you have was at one time a good habit to you that you nurtured in to existence! Now you want to betray that bad habit that you nurtured to life and conditioned yourself to have, you want to dump it, get rid of it out of your life! This with the conditioning from the world around us forms our good-bad habit, You might of got that good-bad habit because you were living under some condition that you were forced to compensate for to live under those conditions, but you choose that habit and nurtured it in to existence! So that good-bad habit was your choice!

We are influenced by the world around us by the people we listen to, the people we hang out with, our friend and relatives, they have a big influence on us and what we do! If you are continually told that you are a certain way then you will either accept it or fight back against believing that you are that way! This is the beginning of the choices we make that forms the way we are and our habits! The conditioning around us is formed by the choices we continually make towards the actions and behaviors of others we hang around with. If we accept those behaviors, then we might pick them up from thous that are around us, but if we don’t accept thous behaviors,then we are less likely to pick them up! The choose is ours but it depends on how much we are influenced by thous around us! If we are easily influenced by others then we are going to accept those chooses and they will become a part of our life. So you can be easily be influenced to keep that good-bad habit by the people you hang out with. If you really want to break that Good-Bad habit and you are easily influenced by that certain person then your going to have to make some serious choices about not hanging out with that person so much or just getting away from that persons influence or you are not likely to break that bad habit, You can talk to the person about it but that don’t always work and its not a good idea to try and tell other people how to live just because you are trying to brake a Good-Bad habit!

So we listen to the ideas of others and either accept them or not, but the choice is ours! In order to break that good-bad habit we are going to have to make choices, we made choices to get that habit now we are going to have to make choices to get rid of it! we praised That Good-bad habit, we nurtured it, we cared for it! now we don’t want it any more we are going to have to stop nourishing , feeding and caring for that Good-bad habit! We are going to have to say bad things about it. We are going to have to believe it is all bad and not tell ourselves, It taste so Good, or how good it feels or any other good thing that is good that you might think about it. your going to have to replace your thinking about it as all bad thoughts about it. Your going to have to demonize it and preferable replace it with another good habit that is so much better than that puny bad habit! That bad habit is the pits and this other super-good habit is a hundred percent better! this good habit is worth so much more than that bad habit could ever be! I hope this was helpful! wizardQi wizardhealthforce.com written by Robert A adjutant