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This area of habits is so important! Your thoughts influence what you do and if your continually think the thoughts of How good it taste, How good it made me feel,How it looks so good,How it smells so wonderful,and How it sounds so good, then you’re
not going to easily get rid of that bad habit! These thought of How it Taste ,Feels, sounds, looks, and smells that keep a coming up in your mind about how good that habit is in all those areas is a bad habit with in itself! Your addicted to those thoughts so much that they keep coming up in you mind all the time and the memory of them in all those areas keeps you addicted to keeping that Good-bad habit! You’ve got to change you thinking about how that bad habit Feels,taste,sounds,looks and smells or you’re not going to break free of those good-bad habits very easily!

You nurtured that good-bad habit into existence when you first got it, you thought forever about How good it was,how good it tasted ,how good it sounds,how good it made you feel,how it smelled so good or how good it looks! these thoughts about that good-bad habit you still have and they continually keep coming up in your mind in the exact same way that you thought about those good-bad habits when you nurtured them in to existence! Now you’ve got to remove those thoughts if you want to have a chance of breaking free of that bad habit! You’ve got to think about all the bad things about it that will keep you away from that good-bad habit, so that one of those good thoughts about it will not influence you do go out and do it or grab for it again! So lets say you take the good feeling about it, the good taste about it, the good look about it and the good sound and smell about it and change them in to all bad things! Into bad taste, bad feels, bad sounds, bad looks and bad smells about it! You now think that this don’t smell so good,this don’t taste so good, this don’t sound so good and this don’t look so good and this don’t feel so good! your starting to pull loose of that bad habit, after you’ve mastered this take those thoughts about it and there not so good to totally bad thoughts about how it feels, sounds, taste, smells and looks! This utterly taste so bad compared to this, this utterly smalls so bad compared to this, this utterly feels so bad compared to this, this utterly sounds so bad compared to this, and this utterly looks so bad compared to this! this is a beginning, but if you continually think those good thoughts about it, how are you ever going to break free of it! you have to really not like that bad habit in order to get rid of it and you have to get rid of all that good nurturing about that bad habit that got you there in the first place! I Hope this was helpful! wizardQi wizardhealthforce.com written by Robert A Adjutant