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You’ve got to the point where you are sure you definitely want to break free of this bad habit! now you are stopping that bad habit as much as you can but you fall back in to doing that bad habit, you fight against it but you are not quit free yet. This is the time that you might get discouraged after having fell back in to doing that bad habit after week and week and week of fighting to break free of that bad habit but only falling back in to doing it again over and over again! Don’t give up now, look at all your options and what you might do to trick yourself in to stopping that habit or anyway else you might get yourself to stop that bad habit. Get yourself to a point where you stop yourself from doing that bad habit to the longest period of time then increase, keep increasing that period of time till you get to the point in time, where you have got in to not doing that bad habit,then you’ll be free if you used some of the technique I explained in the previous post in my blog, if you start thinking about it and nurturing that bad habit again then you might fall back in to doing it again but if you keep your same outlook about how bad that habit is and you don’t nurture that bad habit,then you will not go back in to doing that bad habit again and you’ll be free of that bad habit! This takes commitment in to really not wanting to do that bad habit and persistence to stick with it till you break free of that bad habit! Not giving in to giving up!

If you can trick yourself in to getting that habit then you can trick yourself into giving it up! Don’t allow yourself to have the money it takes to keep doing that habit or find other tricks to keep yourself from not doing it for the longest period of time, till you get in to the habit of not doing that bad habit! If you replace that bad habit with a good habit then you will probable not ever do it again! there are all sorts of way to try and break bad habits, these are only some of the ways, but hope this has been helpful! wizardQi wizardhealthforce.com written by Robert A Adjutant