Daily Archives: July 7, 2013

The Picture of Your World Is as Good as your Reality!

We live in a made up world, not one of our own choosing, but in a world that dictates that this is the way it is! All though it is of this nature, how we see the world is a picture of what we see,hear,feel, and perceive! It is this picture of what we see and perceive from what we see as believing what and how things really are is a whole different picture from what others are trying to express and seeing and believing at the time they are expressing it! So it is easy to get a wrong picture of how others are and we never clearly see what others are trying to express, we never clearly see it there way we only get a picture of what we think and believe they are saying and expressing. So we live in a world where there are millions of different worlds, perhaps thinking that what you see,picture,hear,and believe is the way the world really is or that you clearly understand others views and are seeing it there way! You never clearly see it there way You only get a picture of how you perceive they see it! So in this way we are living our world and can express our-self’s and get accepted ,but with two people saying different things but agreeing on the two different perceptions that each one of them is getting from it and never clearly seeing it the other persons way! So this is our life this is the way it is and knowing this will help you to better relate to others and to change yourself!

To clearly be more agreeable and to relate better one has to look at all angles of how things can be perceived ,heard, felt, and understood in many different ways! But we each have our own life to live and that is our perception of how it is. But there not seeing it your way so you have to support you, but be able to relate to others in many,many, many different ways.

I will still be writing blogs but at this point in time I am not sure of what my blogs will be about but with no feedback I guess it dose not really matter what I blog about! I am even considering doing away with the comment section! wizardQi wizardhealthforce.com wizardQi