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The Fight for the freedom to express yourself and be the person that you want to be and live the way you want to is a continuing battle! We need to take up our sword and defend our rights to express our-self’s and live the way we want to! Rulers, Kings, Queens, and governments will continue and always have tried to take away and limit people rights to live the way they want to and they recruit the masses to keep people from having there rights and freedoms! These recruited sheep that with threaten your rights and freedoms are only puppets and are tricked into doing what the governments want them to do, and are only robots with no rights them-self’s! So you have to work for you, No matter what these puppets might label you! You have to fight for your rights to do as you please and to express your self! The on-going conditioning by the government, rulers and leaders that follow them has been conditioned into the masses over the years through out all history, till the point that they can almost totally control them! The sheep are many! Are you a sheep or are you for you and your rights! They have many ways of taking your rights away, one is to just label you and then no one will listen to you! But with a conditioned society, that is programed to do exactly what they want them to do it is almost impossible to brake free of there slavery and to become a free individual!

Do you know what you want? Are you living your life the way you want to? Do you make your big decisions? or Are you conditioned by the radio,TV,Music,Schools,News paper,or other sources or media! They have this control thing down to a psychology and it perfected! or do you wish you could be more in charge of the things you do, or of your life, These are individual things and should only be decided by an individual, not there friends, to be truely you, you have to make up your own decisions!

We now as never before are having our rights and freedoms being taking away from us! They have Gag-rules that keep you silent or they lock you up, You can’t even protest what they do without being in threat of being locked up! They parade freedom when half your freedoms are all gone and they take more and more of them away every month! And they have laws that they don’t even follow and will lie and frame and lock you up for things you didn’t even do! and if you try to defend yourself your lawyers will not even protect you in a court of law, if you even get a chance to go to court, they will simply lock you up with out a trail!and if you try to bring to light some thing they are doing that’s against the law they lock you up for that! now you call that freedom! Freedom where in the USA? and beside all that they force there drugs down your throat! So you see it is Important to fight for your freedoms what little you have! You will not miss your freedom if you never had it! But then you might never know what freedom is! protect it while its still here in some form ,shape , or manner!

Do you remember the things that you use to do, something that was not harming anybody and of a thing that you can’t do anymore because it against the law now! You remember how it was, how it was harmless and it didn’t hurt anybody and how it felt so good and satisfied you and what you uses to do and how it was! But now Its against the law and you’ll be punished if you get caught doing it anymore! Stolen away by some ruler, who’s always right! Always right Yes ,but he don’t know his head from has ass! Protect your freedom! wizardQi wizardhealthforce.com written by Robert A Adjutant