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If your are dependent on yourself then your free to do whatever you like to do, but if you dependent on someone else then you are a captive to them, they can try to put limitations on what you can and cannot do! If your a cat then that limitation can be very limited! Like the cat that’s not suppose to get on the table! When his master is around then he is well trained to keep off the table, but when has master leaves he hops on the table ( Cats have minds of there own) So cats know very well to act different among different people and will do so for there own freedom! But humans they must obey and not seek there freedom cause the only one that could possibly be right is the master there is no way that he could be wrong and there is no way that you could have all your freedoms with him around, so you have to give up some of your freedoms for awhile, at least while he is around! now this is all right if you are willing to give up your freedoms for awhile, but it you do not like giving up your freedoms then your either going to have to get away from him or your going to have to fight for them! I know how some books preach to you to obey your masters, but its at the peril of your own freedoms! But in the future it will be impossible to have any freedom, with the spying government spying on you , you’ll simply have to comply to your masters all the time or be punished for you being free! So those that don’t protect there freedoms will not have them, they will simply have to do what others tell them to do! they will be slaves, voluntary or involuntary slaves! with no personal unique freedoms! You should have the right to be you, without some fascist government telling you how to breath,eat,live, pray and die! So in order to protect this freedom, we the people are going to have to put up a fight to keep and save our freedoms! and when I say fight there are no rules in fighting you either win or lose, when you give up you lose your freedoms to your own peril! and if that means being a cat for awhile, then I am a cat, but I’d rather be a cat-wolf!

There are so many people trying to protect there freedoms and some of there freedoms with take your freedoms away from you, so it is important to know where you stand on things or else you might be cutting your own throat! Is your freedom taking my freedom away and what is the best way to deal with it! If we don’t talk up and resist then they will always try to run all over us! But when a right is a right and they try to take it away, they are braking there own rules! Like you see what is happening in the fascist USA You want your rights and other people want there rights but that with take your rights away and in the process everybody gets there rights taking away! A ripe opportunity for the fascist government to take over! So this is why it is so important to stand up and protect the constitution! Do you want your rights? Do you even care? Are you being brainwashed? Step forward in this fight, Say you want to be the unique you you were mint to be, and not be some bodies robot, and you have a right to live the way you want and not be forced to do something that you don’t want to do! wizardQi written by Robert A Adjutant

Code Of Honor!

What you live makes you! Not all those easy times that you had it so good that it was so good to you and easy, those don’t make you stronger , but those hard times that you lived through and shined, they make you stronger! Its in the mist of the battle that gives you strength! Its a Code of honor because it is how strong you are that either makes you or brakes you! This part that makes you stronger, so that you can deal with situations is a code of honor! Because you should value your strengths and count your strengths and know what you are good in as well as know your weaknesses! So those hard times that you lived through are a blessing that either killed you or made you stronger!

It was about the second grade of school, I was on my way home,I got off the buss and walked up to the front door of the white house , the house that I lived in with my parents! there was a note on the door telling me to go down to the neighbors, my Aunts place! I latter learned that my mother had took off and then latter they got a divorce! My mother with call, send letters and books and gifts so it is not like she completely deserted me. I spend a lot of my time down to my grandmothers, I walked down there every day! My grandmother sort of took my mothers place and with take care of me, so I was very close to her and another one of my aunts with take me places all over New Hampshire on the weekends with my cousins! So I was very close to my grandmother Just before I started High school I learned that they had said that she had cancer! well they killed her in the hospital! They just cut and poisoned her to pieces! That’s what hospitals Do! They kill people! There is no way on earth that I would forget this! I sometime after this in my life started studying health! I had a few other influences People that were into Healthy living!

Although My grandmother and grandfather and father are all passed away now, they live on in my memories! I owe all to them and my mother for how strong I am today! I honor my relatives and there ancestors! All I Am is a gift from them that I have today! They have made me stronger, they have giving me this strength a code of Honor Not a pieces of paper , not a medal but a strength!

Blog on Hold!

This is an attempt to write a blog without some fool psychiatrist nosing into my business all the time! This the USA is surpost to be some sort of a free country where you can express yourself without having to answer to some psychiatrist who plays God and questions everything you do! No I am not a follower, I want to be Me, Not you or have some psychiatrist dictate what you can do and cant! I understand they make those comments because they want to shut me up before I say something against them for what I’ve seen them do in Hospitals! If you don’t meet there standards then your fucked , but this is my Blog and I only have to meet my own standards! And since the majority of comments I got were from prescription drug companies trying to pedal there Drugs, It leads you to believe that the only ones coming to this website are the psychs and there helpers , but I know this is not true and that the majority coming to this website don’t leave comments!

If you don’t fight them you don’t stand a chance, you were born you and you shouldn’t be programed by the government or anybody else , you should be able to make up your own decisions on how you want to live and be! and shouldn’t have to worry about being brainwashed or programed by the government! But the Government and big business are continuing to try to brainwash and program the public So they can make them robots and do whatever they want them to do!To all you Psychiatrist your just puppets for the government and you just want to dope people up so you can make your lifetime income from them! I am not your lab Rat! wizardQi written by Robert A Adjutant