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So they say what do you want to do with your life? So many people waste it on the TV, they live for somebody else! They get bossed around and told what to do ,ALL there decisions are made by somebody else! They live a prefabed Peer life , but when it comes to making desicions they haven’t got the heart to make them for themselfs there dependant on everybody else to make there big choices for them , they are wimps, running away from there lifes by hideing behind someone else. if they ever had to stand alone, they with go to peices, always got to see what somebody else with do and not living up to what they have to do for themselfs! Running away from true work, always doing for somebody else, but never living up to you have to do for and by yourselfs! that is the only way you will learn ,if you take the bull by the horn and take charge of your life , turning from all the nay sayers – you cant do this ,you cant do that, there is more then enough of that to go around and youll never do anything as long as you listern to the doubt and nay sayer preaching to you, I say befriend them ,there are enough people to steal your dreams away from you , and boss you to do there goals, if you like that just go get a job , then you can work for him and his goals all your life and never truely work towards your goals, People are more willing to work for somebodies elses goals then work for there own, they got to live there hypnotised life , they got to have a comerical to tell them what to do! If I look for opinions from someone then if I do it and it dont work, then iTs somebody esles falt, scared to make mastakes and do something wrong! you withnt want to make a mistake , your peers tell you that it has to be perfect the first time and that what they condition you to believe when you work for there goals at ther job. and if you work for them youll waste more time not working towards your goals and acomplishing them! Dont worry the slave owners will tell you How to act, what to say , What to Do and how to live, But do you ever ask you self is that how I want to be , to DO,to Act and to live! most of those things people are conditioned to ,do, be, act, and live! Its easyer to take charge of them if they have that done to them
wizardQi written By Robert A Adjutant


I want to thank everyone that gave good comments, EXCEPT the 100rds of comments advertising drugs! I want to say that these drug companys that with have everyone on drugs for life,are not going to heal you they will only make your situation worse and multiply your problems! these drug companys are in the bussiness of making money, not curing you of any disease! they are a monopoly, and they come out of world war 2, they will harm you not help you! Turn to alternatives,Herbs and diet, but stay away from these drugs unless they are forced down your throat, by puting you in a hospital for life if you dont take them. These drug companys are nazis come to life to give death! They force there medicine down your throat, Its Quackery! Choose Health don’t be a part of or support the drug companys or the doctors that perscribe there Quackery! Thats enought Ranting! Truely these are trying times if you keep you eyes on what is going on in the world( provideing you can trust your media for the right information, so many want to lead you down different paths for there benefit not yours) But in order to keep your power you have to work around your world and your life! You need to be in charge of your world,life! Decideing, you have made your own chooses ,not your peers, or your friends choose , but yours. You build your world by controling your environment, your surroundings as much as possiable, working towards your goals, not your peers goal! That way you know what you want to head to and you keep heading towards it. You dont hang around people that tell you ,you cant make it that with only build doubt in you over time! If your against control go somewhere else. you’ve got to be in control of your life or someone else will control it. Eather you control or someone else will, there is no way around it! Take charge or your life! Dont be dependent on others, as much as you can depend on youself! In this world your have to depend on some people and things, but be as self dependent as possiable! Stand up for you rights or someone will dictate you there rights for you! wizardQi written By Robert A Adjutant