Monthly Archives: December 2015

A New Beginning!

As You notice I have changed my website a little, The picture is of some of the vegtables I planted last spring!
With the changes I take on the challenges that comes my way! My rosemary plant died last summer , now I am eating it!
The parsley plant I kept alive for two years is doing well! I am going to plant another Rosemary plant!
I have the equipment for planting wheat grass , but I have Not been planting it , one of these times I am going to get
the ambition to do that!
Still buying Raw cacoa powder , I buy two 16ozs of that and go through it in a month! I allso buy Raw Coconut butter
which I love and Goji berries , I get a winter Farm share every two week up untill the end of January, So I have some
good vegtables! I work on buying seven Avacardos every week and 24 bananas About Three a day! I Have Dragon Herbs
Tonic Alchemy allmost every day! And I got into the essential oil bussiness so I am starting to incorperate them into
my diet! I am not 100 percent perfect so I have a fight to stay away from junk food even though I know its bad for me
I just cann’t seem to get it into my thick head!
I believe people should keep aware of what is going on in the world even if it is negative , The stacks are high to
many freedoms to be lost if we don’t do anything about them, and so many politions wanting to steal our freedoms away!
You can be a possitive slave very easily , you can learn to love your misery and we donn’t want to go there! The politations
have there own goals and there not always in our best interest! I tweet on twitter at wizardQi on twitter , a little
bit of stress is good for you and it protects you from the bad! It also can be motivational! You have to remmember that not
everybody has good intensions! Some times the world can be a battle ground, but we have to take up our swords and fight
for what we believe is right! If you egnore the bad it don’t always go away! you just don’t see it!
I believe world war two never ended they just started fighting in a different way! The evil forces are out there and they
have there evil plans! So fight to protect your health and freedoms! Stay Well! wizardQi , Robert A Adjutant