A LITTLE Bit About wizardQi!

I am a Raw Vegan That studied health for more then thirty years. I lost 130lbs on a raw food life style! Since its not what I am, it is really what I do that counts to many people, I will talk about what I do! I study Health alot and tweet a lot on tweeter, I do gardening , I plant a organic vegetable garden  and plant a few plants at home inside, herbs and peppers and got a gogi berry plant ordered! I do alot of walking for exercise and just started doing some Yoga and  other exercises in the apartment and I am planing on buying some weights to build strength with. I also study wild edibles and mushroom and had the chance to experience chanterelles,black trumpets,oyster mushrooms and king bolete mushrooms and had others in powders! I dont watch TV I dont own one and dont miss it , Its just a brain washing waste of time, I dont listern to the raido thats the same as TV. I  read, read ,read books and the internet! What I did in the past dont really matter ,its what I do each day and tomorrow that is going to make the difference. Plan for the future but live in the now!~ I plan to be as close to nature as I can and natural as possible! wizardQi

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