A programmed World!

So You think your on your own path, but did you ever ask why there are so many people on the same path that you are? Is it rigged? Is all you do and think been planed out before you with only a few chooses to choose from and are those chooses rigged! Kings and Queens, rulers, and leaders have been planing out what the general public can do for ages and ages for millions of years, handing down there knowledge of how to get the public to do what they want them to for ages through out all the million years passing down there knowledge to others leaders for decades! They almost got this down to a science-the control of people and the public! They own the media, there in charge of the schools, they run the knowledge, they gotten it from the public for ages and are keeping it from the public to keep them where they want them. step out of line and they label you and get you censored. Laws or no laws, Rules or no rules, they will silence you one way or another! They set the rules and they break the rules and your only a pawn to them, to be used for there purpose. This is not a game and to brake free of them you truly have to be different and an individual, they almost control the whole picture or what you see! You have to see the different picture, a different painting you made just for you and be willing to follow it with all you might, away from the TV , Radio, news papers and other media they use to control you , besides the schools and other organizations that are locked under there power and are only allowed to be there cause they let them! And if you manage to brake free its only because they let you! Its only a unique few that will be able to brake free of them! To step aside and be able to think for your-self and see right through them and there trickery! This takes wisdom and is a life time battle to keep free of them! Take up your code of Honor, believe in your ancestry overlooking how they were deceived by these evil rulers, worship your strengths and seek to free people from these evil rulers! Seek to be free and prepare for battle! Follow me at https://twitter.com/wizardQi written by wizardQi Robert A Adjutant