What do you Do,BE,Say,Or Act? What is your environmental situation? We come into this world and are conditioned by our parents, relatives, and other people around as. You are taught some what how to think or we pick it up by how the other people around as are ,Be , Do, or say, and act. we get to thinking thats the way to think or be or,do and act, This idea or thinking is picked up by the environment we live around and the actions and attitudes or people around us. A sense that we get from the world around as about how to do these things. Now another person could be living in another environment and be thinking in a whole different way about how they should Do things, or How they should Be or what to say and what to do or how to act in different situation. Our parents are brought into this world in the same situation and also pick up How to Do BE,Say and act from the world situations in which they live in. And there parents before them , and there parents before them, so it is picked up from our relatives through out the generations and passed down through to our generation, to some what extent. This is the world the way it is for us, but thousands of others people are living in a thousand of other worlds with a thousand other ways of Doing, Being Saying And Acting. No two people think the same about all that is there world. So we are conditioned by the world we live in and there are a million of other worlds that people live in. and this all is worked on by the people that are in control of society, which has conditioned us through out the years, and decade, through out centurys. To the point where they are almost able to and know how to control us in any situation even though we all think different and if they can’t control us they govern over us, So you see if I explained and clarified this enough so you can understand that, we haven’t chosen our own way of Doing things, or being , or what to say do or how to act, we have been worked on to be in a narrow world with very little choices ,our choices have been narrowed down and we have been conditioned by the world around us. Now I don’t want you to think that I am going crazy with this but you have to know this and work with it to take control of your life and make it the way you want it. and to brake bad habits, habits that you decide you dont want not habits that someone else decides you should not have. so your environment, your atmosphere, your surroundings that you live in has a big influance on weather you’ll keep that bad habit that you don’t want or brake free of it, You will never brake free of lets say eating candy , if you are around people that are continuely urgeing you to have another candy bar , while you been addicted to them for years and there is a commercial on every five minutes advertising a candy bar and telling you how good it is. you have to totally condition yourself that it is bad and want not to eat candy bars yourself first. you have to know the millions of things that are bad with eating a candy bar , and consintrate your thought on that instead or the millions of things that you have thought are good about the candy bar that keep you eating it , you have to demonize eatihg candy bars and have more reasons why they are bad for you then good reasons for eating them. I will write more about braking bad habit in the week ahead. wizardQi written by Robert A Adjutant

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