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I want to thank everyone that gave good comments, EXCEPT the 100rds of comments advertising drugs! I want to say that these drug companys that with have everyone on drugs for life,are not going to heal you they will only make your situation worse and multiply your problems! these drug companys are in the bussiness of making money, not curing you of any disease! they are a monopoly, and they come out of world war 2, they will harm you not help you! Turn to alternatives,Herbs and diet, but stay away from these drugs unless they are forced down your throat, by puting you in a hospital for life if you dont take them. These drug companys are nazis come to life to give death! They force there medicine down your throat, Its Quackery! Choose Health don’t be a part of or support the drug companys or the doctors that perscribe there Quackery! Thats enought Ranting! Truely these are trying times if you keep you eyes on what is going on in the world( provideing you can trust your media for the right information, so many want to lead you down different paths for there benefit not yours) But in order to keep your power you have to work around your world and your life! You need to be in charge of your world,life! Decideing, you have made your own chooses ,not your peers, or your friends choose , but yours. You build your world by controling your environment, your surroundings as much as possiable, working towards your goals, not your peers goal! That way you know what you want to head to and you keep heading towards it. You dont hang around people that tell you ,you cant make it that with only build doubt in you over time! If your against control go somewhere else. you’ve got to be in control of your life or someone else will control it. Eather you control or someone else will, there is no way around it! Take charge or your life! Dont be dependent on others, as much as you can depend on youself! In this world your have to depend on some people and things, but be as self dependent as possiable! Stand up for you rights or someone will dictate you there rights for you! wizardQi written By Robert A Adjutant

All though I AM weak I have more POWER then I THINK!

The object of power is believing that you have It! Often times when you think that you are helpless , you actually have more power then you think! You don’t have to put up with everything ,You don’t have to go along! You can chart Your own course ,You can make you own plans, resistance , Disagreeing holding back!  Knowing that you have certain human rights and exercising those rights! I am not going to be treated like this! you have your own way , but I am not hanging around you anymore! I have a right to live the way I want to! The biggest way they keep people captive is through ignorance, if you don’t know the law and they tell You ,You that you have to do something and it’s not the law you might think you are captive to them when you are not!  So they hold people back through ignorance of the law!  You don’t know the laws so you think it is that way! Knowledge is Power! Our court systems take advantage of ignorance, many cases people could have walked away ,if only they had of known the law!

 A lot of people hold their power through telling people that it is this way when it is not, So it makes sense to double-check what one person tells you from another source! It might not be that way! perhaps they are on a power trip, thinking there something there not! you got to remember that you have just as much power as they have( even though they are wareing that shiny uniform) You always have the power, it whether you exercise it or not that’s going to make the difference!

Silence can be just as powerful as speaking up if used the right way! what they don’t know about you may detour them! So it is wise to use speaking and silence at the right time! Remember you are the upper power , Dont let them trap You with Ignorance! wizardQi written By Robert A Adjutant


Little Me and Big Me!

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   Weighting 307Lbs and 170Lbs after a Raw Food Diet wizardQi Robert A Adjutant

It is time to come into your power!

I am on a journey and that is not to become a whinny , strengthless weakling ,but a strong ,powerfull moving force, not blown in the wind, to come in to the power to take control of all aspects of my life , moving toward better Health, Better fitness, and to over come the bad habits that I really dont want and to come in to my power.

A Powerless person or a person that dont believe in Her,Him self is blown in the wind and the wind blows it anyway it wants it to, in to the dark recesses of the woods that are unknown to her,him so they are scared and helpless in the woods.  You dont have to let the wind blow you and be powerless, You can take charge of you and there for fight back, resistance isnt always bad the deer resist being killed in the woods and will fight back in some shape,form or matter of way that it can ,It has a since to protect it self. Humans dont always have that since.

You have to keep a positive powerfull outlook that ames you towards keeping in charge of your life and knowning that you can come through any situation and be on top, that you can handle any thing that can come upon you. there are ways of being that way! Power isnt bad ,It puts you in charge of your life. It protect you from evil people or things,it saves your life ,but that is self power! Take control of your life get powerfull!  wizardQi written by Robert A Adjutant