Blog on Hold!

This is an attempt to write a blog without some fool psychiatrist nosing into my business all the time! This the USA is surpost to be some sort of a free country where you can express yourself without having to answer to some psychiatrist who plays God and questions everything you do! No I am not a follower, I want to be Me, Not you or have some psychiatrist dictate what you can do and cant! I understand they make those comments because they want to shut me up before I say something against them for what I’ve seen them do in Hospitals! If you don’t meet there standards then your fucked , but this is my Blog and I only have to meet my own standards! And since the majority of comments I got were from prescription drug companies trying to pedal there Drugs, It leads you to believe that the only ones coming to this website are the psychs and there helpers , but I know this is not true and that the majority coming to this website don’t leave comments!

If you don’t fight them you don’t stand a chance, you were born you and you shouldn’t be programed by the government or anybody else , you should be able to make up your own decisions on how you want to live and be! and shouldn’t have to worry about being brainwashed or programed by the government! But the Government and big business are continuing to try to brainwash and program the public So they can make them robots and do whatever they want them to do!To all you Psychiatrist your just puppets for the government and you just want to dope people up so you can make your lifetime income from them! I am not your lab Rat! wizardQi written by Robert A Adjutant