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A New Beginning!

As You notice I have changed my website a little, The picture is of some of the vegtables I planted last spring!
With the changes I take on the challenges that comes my way! My rosemary plant died last summer , now I am eating it!
The parsley plant I kept alive for two years is doing well! I am going to plant another Rosemary plant!
I have the equipment for planting wheat grass , but I have Not been planting it , one of these times I am going to get
the ambition to do that!
Still buying Raw cacoa powder , I buy two 16ozs of that and go through it in a month! I allso buy Raw Coconut butter
which I love and Goji berries , I get a winter Farm share every two week up untill the end of January, So I have some
good vegtables! I work on buying seven Avacardos every week and 24 bananas About Three a day! I Have Dragon Herbs
Tonic Alchemy allmost every day! And I got into the essential oil bussiness so I am starting to incorperate them into
my diet! I am not 100 percent perfect so I have a fight to stay away from junk food even though I know its bad for me
I just cann’t seem to get it into my thick head!
I believe people should keep aware of what is going on in the world even if it is negative , The stacks are high to
many freedoms to be lost if we don’t do anything about them, and so many politions wanting to steal our freedoms away!
You can be a possitive slave very easily , you can learn to love your misery and we donn’t want to go there! The politations
have there own goals and there not always in our best interest! I tweet on twitter at wizardQi on twitter , a little
bit of stress is good for you and it protects you from the bad! It also can be motivational! You have to remmember that not
everybody has good intensions! Some times the world can be a battle ground, but we have to take up our swords and fight
for what we believe is right! If you egnore the bad it don’t always go away! you just don’t see it!
I believe world war two never ended they just started fighting in a different way! The evil forces are out there and they
have there evil plans! So fight to protect your health and freedoms! Stay Well! wizardQi , Robert A Adjutant

Spring The Beginning Of A New Life Force!

So much is happening new this year and just as the plants wake up to be stronger then they were before and the Life Force is renewed in spring, everything become renewed and stronger then it was before! So should we become renewed in spring and stronger, with the changes that are happening in our life’s we take on a new Life Force that has been dormant in us for awhile, awake, alive, and renewed to take on our goals and projects to a new height that they haven’t seen before! With this I have small tomatoes up and some other plants Kale ,Peppers, Collards and One cabbage plant started up! I am getting ready to plant in the community garden this year. with so many challenges to take on in the coming year! working out with some new dumbbells and working on protecting organic food from the evils of GMO’s in the small ways that I can, from the evil people that wouldn’t even give us the choose of knowing whats in our foods that we eat nor the choice of choosing! The fascist always want to force there ways down peoples throats!

Having to be careful with what I eat, being forced to take there prescription drugs I have to eat extra healthy and live healthier then what others might live as much as I possibly can! Fascist country that we live in, be thankful if your not forced to do something that you don’t want to do! Nevertheless we all should live the healthiest way that we can and improve our health Daily! If your not a victim of the medical industry, don’t become one use alternative health care, not aliphatic Doctors if you still have a choice! wizardQi Written By Robert Adjutant

My plan For Health!

How to Tolerate NEW MOON!

So It’s NEW MOON or NO MOON, There’s no moon out there! As a spark in the darkness come’s up, so does your idea come up as a spark out of nothing to a new beginning, a new idea, a new goal, thinking about it dose not get you there, it’s actually the next day when you get started on that idea that propels you into motion, it’s the day when the moon starts to appear in the sky again, as it get bigger and shows more, as you start to take action on your goal, leading you up to FULL MOON when the moon is the brightest, when you have succeeded in achieving your goal. a day of celebration Full Moon , not NEW MOON, Death until a new beginning. Not until that spark appears is there any life, only then when you have a new beginning dose it count!

So NEW MOON is over played , unless you think of it as a day to come up with new ideas to bring you to a new beginning, without the ideas its only death, not something to delight in! You can only celebrate New Moon in a good contexts if you think of it as a day to come up with new ideas! But ideas are no good unless you begin them!

I been busy setting up a new computer that I got Friday. planted some Kale ,Tomatoes, Peppers, collards and cabbage on Saturday. I got them under the grow light! and just having all sorts of fun with this computer! Going to put out some more video on you- tube and plan to get video put on this website! I am wizardQi on twitter, follow me there if you interested in health information! Take care, stay well! wizardQi written by Robert A Adjutant

The Third Day of Spring!

Just wishing all this snow would melt away so I could get my water at the Spring! The snow is piled to high for me to get water there! Got some grow plugs in the mail today , now to get the seeds and start some tomatoes, kale and peppers inside! I just can’t wait for all the snow to melt away so I can get outside more! Going to get a new computer in April with a camcorder so I can do videos again! I have about 1600 followers on twitter, I am wizardQi on twitter , If your vegan follow me on twitter Its all about Health!
We are always under attack with people trying to take what little health freedom we have away! If you value your health you have to keep up to the Health information and fight back, If we don’t what little health freedom we have will be taken away from us! There will always be dictators trying to force there way of life down our throats! I am not a big lover of government or of having someone do something for you that you could do for yourself, the more government the more dictators, forcing us to do things that we don’t want to do!

I am all about more health and more health, alternative health as much as I can And getting healthier and healthier everyday! I know very well what cancer can do to a family! having lost relatives to cancer, Its something to protect against and not be scared of! Most people with cancer don’t die of it, The treatment for it kills them! you have to do your research and not listen to most of the medical doctors, that blindly and blindly do the same treatment over and over again- playing god! alternatives are out there , you just have to seek them out!Before I have the FDA down my throat that’s all I will say about that!

Starting in June I will get my vegetables from the CSA again this year, a weekly share, plus I have what I get from the garden I plant at The community garden! I am not normal, I am unique, so I eat different then most other people, but I eat healthy almost 100% organic, about 90% raw food and vegan! I am always planing and planing out my battles how a can become stronger and stronger and there is no point where I am strong enough no matter how strong I get in every way and manner! Its survival of the fittest and if your not fit in this world , your not going to survive! I am not a follower, I have my own ways and I like most of my ways! But I do listen and learn in order to improve!

So there boom barding us with chemtrails and were still getting more snow and there blindly poisoning our food, and more about that in the future! Take care! wizardQi

Full Moon!

Full MOON tonight! It brings to complete a month that someone tried to rip me off of 700 bucks that I didn’t have! Time to think of planing the garden for spring! The Robins are back and there are a lot of them, nice to see and hear them! The snow is so high at the spring that I was unable to get my water there this week, Hope it melts away fast! And the battle of life goes on! Eating about 90% raw vegan food, Don’t show your ignorance by asking me where do you get your protein , When you don’t know what protein is! Eating Almost 100% organic! Can’t wait for the summer vegetables! Being forced to take prescription drugs, I could fight back but then they would put me in the hospital or give me shots witch would be worse then the pills! Your only free if you know the right people, being forced to take Quack pills is not something I enjoy! Detoxify Detoxify Detoxify, we are all being poisoned, this is worse than food poison! They can sit at the table and play God, when they don’t know nothing! By a bunch of people that didn’t even know me! That’s called equality and justice! I will out live them all with my very strict lifestyle diet! well there eating poison and don’t even know it! Health Is wealth! I didn’t get here all at once it took years and years to break bad eating habits, but its worth every step of the path! Some where out there there is justice, but the tyrant rulers are in charge! Some call them the elite ,but I wouldn’t give them the honor, when there nothing but crocks and lie,er’s! But its full moon tonight nothing but power tonight and nothing to hide about, but if it was new moon I’d think different! The light in the dark that represents a goal and the cycle of life goes on! Just like the sun comes new every morning, not missing a day persistence, So we should work to our goals every day anew Refreshed! I see a light in the dark and it leads my to the day, I see a spark of my goal and I keep my eyes on it and it leads me to my Goal! MAY you have a happy full moon! wizardQi

In MY View Point!

It’s not always predicable In My View Point were not all equal and we never were, we were born into the world with a mother and father and from that point they fed as the best that they could or knew how. Most of us were not on an optimal diet , some got more toxins then others that influenced the way we were brought in to the world some were more sharper because of diet , some were taught this or that, that hold people back, misconception wrong information,some healthier then others, some with more toxins then others,some would clearer perception then others. There’s no way on earth that we were born equal , that’s a fallacy. Some of us would seeing things different then others, We are unique but we are not equal! I am not equal to you if you play an instrument better then me, nether am I equal to you if I am good at one thing and your good at another, I am Unique but not equal! Some had an in to the family fortune it was easier for them to become this of that because of there family positions and some were sharper so they could learn faster,and some were left behind in some things! I profess that there is no equality out there ,It a fallacy Your only equal in that you can all do something, but that something will never be better or worse then some one else so your not equal your unique, its all on how a person looks at it , one person might say that this position is better then that ,as they do! We are Unique but not equal! wizardQi written by Robert A. Adjutant

A programmed World!

So You think your on your own path, but did you ever ask why there are so many people on the same path that you are? Is it rigged? Is all you do and think been planed out before you with only a few chooses to choose from and are those chooses rigged! Kings and Queens, rulers, and leaders have been planing out what the general public can do for ages and ages for millions of years, handing down there knowledge of how to get the public to do what they want them to for ages through out all the million years passing down there knowledge to others leaders for decades! They almost got this down to a science-the control of people and the public! They own the media, there in charge of the schools, they run the knowledge, they gotten it from the public for ages and are keeping it from the public to keep them where they want them. step out of line and they label you and get you censored. Laws or no laws, Rules or no rules, they will silence you one way or another! They set the rules and they break the rules and your only a pawn to them, to be used for there purpose. This is not a game and to brake free of them you truly have to be different and an individual, they almost control the whole picture or what you see! You have to see the different picture, a different painting you made just for you and be willing to follow it with all you might, away from the TV , Radio, news papers and other media they use to control you , besides the schools and other organizations that are locked under there power and are only allowed to be there cause they let them! And if you manage to brake free its only because they let you! Its only a unique few that will be able to brake free of them! To step aside and be able to think for your-self and see right through them and there trickery! This takes wisdom and is a life time battle to keep free of them! Take up your code of Honor, believe in your ancestry overlooking how they were deceived by these evil rulers, worship your strengths and seek to free people from these evil rulers! Seek to be free and prepare for battle! Follow me at written by wizardQi Robert A Adjutant


If your are dependent on yourself then your free to do whatever you like to do, but if you dependent on someone else then you are a captive to them, they can try to put limitations on what you can and cannot do! If your a cat then that limitation can be very limited! Like the cat that’s not suppose to get on the table! When his master is around then he is well trained to keep off the table, but when has master leaves he hops on the table ( Cats have minds of there own) So cats know very well to act different among different people and will do so for there own freedom! But humans they must obey and not seek there freedom cause the only one that could possibly be right is the master there is no way that he could be wrong and there is no way that you could have all your freedoms with him around, so you have to give up some of your freedoms for awhile, at least while he is around! now this is all right if you are willing to give up your freedoms for awhile, but it you do not like giving up your freedoms then your either going to have to get away from him or your going to have to fight for them! I know how some books preach to you to obey your masters, but its at the peril of your own freedoms! But in the future it will be impossible to have any freedom, with the spying government spying on you , you’ll simply have to comply to your masters all the time or be punished for you being free! So those that don’t protect there freedoms will not have them, they will simply have to do what others tell them to do! they will be slaves, voluntary or involuntary slaves! with no personal unique freedoms! You should have the right to be you, without some fascist government telling you how to breath,eat,live, pray and die! So in order to protect this freedom, we the people are going to have to put up a fight to keep and save our freedoms! and when I say fight there are no rules in fighting you either win or lose, when you give up you lose your freedoms to your own peril! and if that means being a cat for awhile, then I am a cat, but I’d rather be a cat-wolf!

There are so many people trying to protect there freedoms and some of there freedoms with take your freedoms away from you, so it is important to know where you stand on things or else you might be cutting your own throat! Is your freedom taking my freedom away and what is the best way to deal with it! If we don’t talk up and resist then they will always try to run all over us! But when a right is a right and they try to take it away, they are braking there own rules! Like you see what is happening in the fascist USA You want your rights and other people want there rights but that with take your rights away and in the process everybody gets there rights taking away! A ripe opportunity for the fascist government to take over! So this is why it is so important to stand up and protect the constitution! Do you want your rights? Do you even care? Are you being brainwashed? Step forward in this fight, Say you want to be the unique you you were mint to be, and not be some bodies robot, and you have a right to live the way you want and not be forced to do something that you don’t want to do! wizardQi written by Robert A Adjutant