Its allways been the process in history to demonize there enemies, they done this through out history and they still do it today! The preacher preaches about how those demons are,and makes them scary by telling stories about them, weather those stories are true or not, the preacher does so to make the sheep scared of them so they will stay away from them. He makes them live in fear, but should you be influenced by there fear tactics and live in fear of these demons the rest of your life,its a process to control what you do, How you think,and how you act, its brain washing control.
So you make your enemies into demons and you get everybody scared of them and you control those people and how they think towards them, Do you have any right? you are making those people dependent on you!
But for the purpose of controling yourself, you have your bad habits, if you have decided that they are really bad habits , not some one elses decision but yours that those habits are bad and not good its your choice and lets say you demonize those bad habits ( your useing hypnotism on yourself) then youll not want to do those bad habits anymore, attaching evil to those bad habits and good to some good habit to replace it, then youll eventually be pulled towards those good habits and be come free of your unwanted bad habit, but you have to make those choices for yourself, your an individual not a communist
If you tell youself that you want to be some way and you set a goal and aim towards it , and you demonize your bad habits and attach good to the new habits or way you want to be . then youll be pulled towards the good habit and eventually the bad habit will be pushed away and youll become free of your bad habits. this will work if your not being brain washed by people and the media that your good habit is bad! you have to control your enviornment or someone else will control it for you! wizardQi
wizardhealthforce.com written By Robert A Adjutant

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