Full Moon!

Full MOON tonight! It brings to complete a month that someone tried to rip me off of 700 bucks that I didn’t have! Time to think of planing the garden for spring! The Robins are back and there are a lot of them, nice to see and hear them! The snow is so high at the spring that I was unable to get my water there this week, Hope it melts away fast! And the battle of life goes on! Eating about 90% raw vegan food, Don’t show your ignorance by asking me where do you get your protein , When you don’t know what protein is! Eating Almost 100% organic! Can’t wait for the summer vegetables! Being forced to take prescription drugs, I could fight back but then they would put me in the hospital or give me shots witch would be worse then the pills! Your only free if you know the right people, being forced to take Quack pills is not something I enjoy! Detoxify Detoxify Detoxify, we are all being poisoned, this is worse than food poison! They can sit at the table and play God, when they don’t know nothing! By a bunch of people that didn’t even know me! That’s called equality and justice! I will out live them all with my very strict lifestyle diet! well there eating poison and don’t even know it! Health Is wealth! I didn’t get here all at once it took years and years to break bad eating habits, but its worth every step of the path! Some where out there there is justice, but the tyrant rulers are in charge! Some call them the elite ,but I wouldn’t give them the honor, when there nothing but crocks and lie,er’s! But its full moon tonight nothing but power tonight and nothing to hide about, but if it was new moon I’d think different! The light in the dark that represents a goal and the cycle of life goes on! Just like the sun comes new every morning, not missing a day persistence, So we should work to our goals every day anew Refreshed! I see a light in the dark and it leads my to the day, I see a spark of my goal and I keep my eyes on it and it leads me to my Goal! MAY you have a happy full moon! wizardQi