How to Tolerate NEW MOON!

So It’s NEW MOON or NO MOON, There’s no moon out there! As a spark in the darkness come’s up, so does your idea come up as a spark out of nothing to a new beginning, a new idea, a new goal, thinking about it dose not get you there, it’s actually the next day when you get started on that idea that propels you into motion, it’s the day when the moon starts to appear in the sky again, as it get bigger and shows more, as you start to take action on your goal, leading you up to FULL MOON when the moon is the brightest, when you have succeeded in achieving your goal. a day of celebration Full Moon , not NEW MOON, Death until a new beginning. Not until that spark appears is there any life, only then when you have a new beginning dose it count!

So NEW MOON is over played , unless you think of it as a day to come up with new ideas to bring you to a new beginning, without the ideas its only death, not something to delight in! You can only celebrate New Moon in a good contexts if you think of it as a day to come up with new ideas! But ideas are no good unless you begin them!

I been busy setting up a new computer that I got Friday. planted some Kale ,Tomatoes, Peppers, collards and cabbage on Saturday. I got them under the grow light! and just having all sorts of fun with this computer! Going to put out some more video on you- tube and plan to get video put on this website! I am wizardQi on twitter, follow me there if you interested in health information! Take care, stay well! wizardQi written by Robert A Adjutant