In MY View Point!

It’s not always predicable In My View Point were not all equal and we never were, we were born into the world with a mother and father and from that point they fed as the best that they could or knew how. Most of us were not on an optimal diet , some got more toxins then others that influenced the way we were brought in to the world some were more sharper because of diet , some were taught this or that, that hold people back, misconception wrong information,some healthier then others, some with more toxins then others,some would clearer perception then others. There’s no way on earth that we were born equal , that’s a fallacy. Some of us would seeing things different then others, We are unique but we are not equal! I am not equal to you if you play an instrument better then me, nether am I equal to you if I am good at one thing and your good at another, I am Unique but not equal! Some had an in to the family fortune it was easier for them to become this of that because of there family positions and some were sharper so they could learn faster,and some were left behind in some things! I profess that there is no equality out there ,It a fallacy Your only equal in that you can all do something, but that something will never be better or worse then some one else so your not equal your unique, its all on how a person looks at it , one person might say that this position is better then that ,as they do! We are Unique but not equal! wizardQi written by Robert A. Adjutant