Spring The Beginning Of A New Life Force!

So much is happening new this year and just as the plants wake up to be stronger then they were before and the Life Force is renewed in spring, everything become renewed and stronger then it was before! So should we become renewed in spring and stronger, with the changes that are happening in our life’s we take on a new Life Force that has been dormant in us for awhile, awake, alive, and renewed to take on our goals and projects to a new height that they haven’t seen before! With this I have small tomatoes up and some other plants Kale ,Peppers, Collards and One cabbage plant started up! I am getting ready to plant in the community garden this year. with so many challenges to take on in the coming year! working out with some new dumbbells and working on protecting organic food from the evils of GMO’s in the small ways that I can, from the evil people that wouldn’t even give us the choose of knowing whats in our foods that we eat nor the choice of choosing! The fascist always want to force there ways down peoples throats!

Having to be careful with what I eat, being forced to take there prescription drugs I have to eat extra healthy and live healthier then what others might live as much as I possibly can! Fascist country that we live in, be thankful if your not forced to do something that you don’t want to do! Nevertheless we all should live the healthiest way that we can and improve our health Daily! If your not a victim of the medical industry, don’t become one use alternative health care, not aliphatic Doctors if you still have a choice! wizardQi Written By Robert Adjutant