What If You Don’t Believe!

If You think you can’t, you can’t! You’ve got to believe, really believe you can do something before you can do it! If your listen to music that is repeating over and over again something that is in contradiction with what you believe or in contradiction with your goals it’s going to hinder or make it harder for you to reach your goals! Are you addicted to that particular tune but never paid that much attention to what the words were saying! Well it’s going to make it all that much harder than if you got your music inline with your life and goals! Are you living for the goals in that song or Do you want to live you own life and goals! These questions have to be answered and really answered if you want to really keep in line with your life goals! Is that music helping or hindering, Hypnotizing you to want something that you are not aiming for or planing for over and over again! Music can be poison, it can keep you from being the person you want to be, It can ruin your life and make it miserable! Are you living for someone else’s goals or your own. Are you stuck on that music because it has a tune that anchors you to listen to it over and over again! If it’s not in line with your life or your life goals then it is only a poison no matter how good the tune sounds! For the betterment or your life dump the bad music or live a drifting life! It’s up to you it’s your life, but I don’t except that trash in my life!

In order to achieve a goal you have to be aware of that goal you have to keep it in mind and think about it a lot, it has to almost be an obsession in your mind , you have to keep it in the front of your mind, if you don’t keep thinking about it you will not work towards it and you’ll drift off in to doing something else! Write it down but if you don’t give it priority in your life you will not do it! So you have to keep it in your thoughts every day and work for it a little or a lot every day, but if your thoughts are continually drifting away in your mind by other thoughts then you might slowly drift away from your plans and goals and if you don’t think about your plans and goals every day then the chances are, that your not going to work for them! You’l never achieve a goal unless you give time to thinking about it in your thoughts! So just think about what music does to this process in sticking with and doing your goals! wizardQi wizardhealthforce.com written by Robert A Adjutant

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